I’ve been reading… MILKMAN and WOMEN OF THE LEFT BANK

women of the left bank

Last week I finished Anna Burn’s MILKMAN: truly excellent: nimbly doing it’s important political and stylistic work with aplomb. Though the notion of intersectionality has become something of a saw over the last twelve months, the way Burn’s narratives infiltrates the structure of gender and politics and is able to articulate the points where they meet, support each other and replicate each other is immensely, powerfully (dare I say it) intersectional.

I’ve just taken up a literary history written of female writers WOMEN OF THE LEFT BANK: PARIS, 1900–1940 by Shari Benstock that the Academic and I bought on a whim from the second-hand bookshop around the corner. I thought I was pretty well-read in the period: JoyceHemingwayF. Scott FitzgeraldPound, but I’m appalled by the women I’m encountering that I either haven’t read or didn’t know at all: Colette (whose story can also be seen at the moment in a film starring Keira Knightly), Natalie BarneyDjuna BarnesNancy CunardJanet Flanner

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