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nine lives

I’m currently doing research into the War on Terror and particular the US policy of extrajudicial rendition for a project I’m just starting up. As background reading, I bought NINE LIVES: MY TIME AS THE WEST’S TOP SPY INSIDE AL-QAEDA by Aimen Dean (alongside Paul Cruickshank and Tim Lister). As well as providing an individual view of the war on terror by one of its combatants, I thought it was particularly good on the fractures and contradictions at the centre of fundamentalist Islam. Dean, despite being a top informant of the UK government, remained a committed and devout Muslim throughout his service: spying on his families and friends, betraying them and others who fervently followed his faith. The reason he did so, is that he couldn’t reconcile what he had learned as a religious practice to Al-Qaeda’s praxis on the ground, which he thought was based on a flawed reading of the scriptures.

Author: James Topham

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