I’ve been writing… and re-writing

I’m re-working a project I’ve been writing on and off for about six months. I find this stage of the process pretty difficult. When I’m in the first flash of a new idea I’m excited and am driven forward by that excitement. When I’m getting the first draft on paper, I have a sense of momentum and I can track my progress: words on the page every day mean I’m moving (however slowly) towards a conclusion.

Re-writing, however, has neither the energy of first-love or the sense of something building. In fact, to do it well, you need to be able to creatively destroy, clear out, as well as shrug on a critical perspective that feels quite alien to the creative process. I hope that the thing I’m working on is getting better, but right now, when I’m in the middle of it, that feels like a leap of faith.

Author: James Topham

James is a screenwriter and freelance. He has written films for Scott Free Productions and Addictive Films and developed TV with ITV Studios, Evolutionary Films and Channel 4. He writes a weekly tinyletter - http://abridged-misc.com

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